Many retailers who have a dynamic brand realise their business has the potential for expansion internationally. As many have found, this is best achieved through franchising with corporate partners. For the concept or brand owner, corporate franchising means:

Low financial commitment:
The franchisee will finance the expansion of the concept in their own market

Low human resource commitment: The franchise partner, with the initial support of the franchisor, will provide all personnel for the project in their own market

Reduced risk: All national markets are different. Having local knowledge is a key element of retailing success. The franchisee brings these benefits

Flexibility: The ability to expand in several national markets at the same time

Financial efficiency: The ability to maximise returns from the creativity and resources which have been applied to the development of a unique retail operation

Unrestricted international potential: In some countries there is a mandatory requirement for any incoming retail business to have local partner. A franchise agreement provides the solution for market entry in such circumstances.